RJ's - First XC Race of 2017

I raced the RJ's Cross Country (XC) track last weekend. It was hot. It was dusty in spots. It was rough and tough, but I lived to tell about it. I got a decent start and fought for a podium finish all through the first lap.

The racing was surprisingly very tight, and small mistake could have a few bikes take advantage and blow past you. I was making things happen, but my podium aspirations turned to dust as I entered the last motocross section before the start/finish. The sections before this were very dusty, and being the first lap, I felt it wasn't smart to take any chances not being able to see the track or trail. Unfortunately, the brave riders behind me had no such fears and the gap was closing fast. I sent caution to the wind and blasted through the clouds onto the track. There was a substantial drop to the track, and the front tire of my Berg decided it would give up traction as it hit the sand, forcing me to do the same. No big deal, but is I picked up the bike, the conga line of riders behind me blew past. It would be tough to get around them again.

The next three laps opened up, but unfortunately the heat and rough track sapped as much energy as I could provide, and I just couldn't keep the pace up to finish in the top 5. I would call it a success; I didn't make any big mistakes, and I finished the race with nothing broken, bike or body. However, I have to figure out a way to keep the speed up, which basically means getting in better physical shape. The 2+ hours of full tilt racing left my totally drained, and I was not alone in that regard. It was a demanding track, many riders were spent at the end.

I always believe that if you give it your all, and finish in one piece, that was a good day racing. RJ's was a good day racing. Now, where did I put my Advils?

 Bryan Kowalchuk


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