AHIS - Preload Adjuster Rebuild Kit

Rebuild and upgrade the preload adjuster screw and bumper.
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$23.00 CAD
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The AHIS Preload adjuster rebuild kit provides what is required to replace a worn pre-load adjuster screw and bumper. An upgraded adjuster screw as well as additional bumpers are also included in the kit. The new adjuster screw design should provide a much longer service life for the bumper as well as being easier to adjust if required. The addition bumpers are also provided that can be easily replaced without having to dissemble the AHIS if they become worn in the future.

Rebuild kit includes:

  • New urethane¬†bumpers
  • New adjustment screws
  • New pivot screws
  • Small bottle of retaining compund
  • Pin removal screw
  • Full rebuild instructions


For instruction, click Here