Advanced Handlebar Isolation System
Manufacturer: BKE Racing
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This prodcut is currently under development. The images shown are computer renderings and are respresentative of the final product. Specifications may change.


The AHIS is an innovative approach to reducing handlebar vibration which reduces rider fatique and arm pump. Your motorcycle suspension isolates the motorcycle from the ground. The AHIS system isolates the rider from the motorcycle.

If you suffer from arm pump or other ailments like Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (or old age), the AHIS allows you to ride longer and faster.

Key Features

  • Strong lightweight aluminum design
  • Computer stress tested to take the big hits without damage
  • Custom high-tech elastomer bushings isolate the rider
  • Fully user tunable through setting the preload and bushing type
  • Uses your existing handle bars and hand guard setup
  • Easy installation, simply replace your existing handlebar clamps
  • Uses your existing handlebar mounting hardware (bolts and top clamps)
  • Weighs less than 550g (20oz.)
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