Advanced Handlebar Isolation System for KTM, Husaberg, Husqvarna, Beta, Sherco and Yamaha motorcycles. Get a grip on your bars and keep it.
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by Bryan Kowalchuk

After riding and racing dirt bikes for years, I started having problems with my arms and hands. I just couldn't maintain a hold on the handlebars like I used to and enjoyment of my ride suffered as a result.

The constant pounding and bigger hits on the rougher tracks and trails would quickly fatigue my hands until I had slow down. Add a few more hits and it became very difficult to work the controls. Not only was this frustrating, it was dangerous. I wasn't alone. Many riders, young and old experience similar problems with fatigue, numb hands or arm pump.

I still loved the sport and didn't want to it give up. Being an inventor, I tasked myself with coming up with a solution and the AHIS project was conceived.

What is AHIS?

AHIS is the Advanced Handlebar Isolation System. Think of it as a suspension system for your motorcycle handlebars. The suspension on your motorcycle isolates the motorcycle from the terrain. AHIS isolates the rider from the motorcycle. Your bikes' suspension can only do so much; AHIS takes it one step further in smoothing out your ride.

What Motorcycles Does AHIS Fit?

AHIS will bolt right onto the following motorcycles (not rubber mounted bars):

  • 2000 - 2020 KTM 85cc thru 690cc & KTM 1190/1290 Adventure with stock triple clamps
  • 2003 - 2014 Husaberg 125-570 with stock triple clamps
  • 2014 - 2020 Husqvarna 85-501 with stock triple clamps
  • 2012 - 2020 Beta off-road models (not trials)
  • 2014 - 2020 Sherco off-road models (not trials)

You will need to order the optional spacer kit for AHIS if you have rubber mounted handlebars which are on the motorcycles listed below:

  • 2016 - KTM 125/150SX, 250/350/450XCF/SXF
  • 2017 - 2020 KTM 125-450 SX/SXF/XC/XCF
  • 2016 - 2020 Husqvarna FC250/350/450
  • 2016 - 2020 Husqvarna 701 Enduro/SM
  • 2017 - 2020 Husqvarna TC/TX/FC/FX 85-450

Adapters will be available for other motorcycle models if there is sufficient demand. Contact BKE Racing if AHIS is not yet available for your bike.

AHIS Design Features

  • Highest quality materials - Stainless Steel and aerospace-grade aluminum.
  • Lightweight and compact - Less 150g (5.3oz) more than stock handlebar clamps, takes no extra room on your triple clamps.
  • Effective and adjustable - Two mounting positions and optional bumpers to vary stiffness

Performance Specifications

  • Peak Energy Absorbtion: 12Nm.
  • Displacement Profile: Click for Graph.
  • Operating Tempurature: -30C to 45C. Stiffness increases 20% at 0C over 20C standard tempurature.
  • Overall weight with mounting hardware: 300g.

Competitive Product Comparison Summary

For a detailed explanation of how AHIS works compared to other products, Click Here

Feature AHIS Flexx bars XTRIG PHDS Composi-Flex Bars Mako 360
Precise Feel
Maintains precise handlebar feel and control.
Yes No No No No
Use Existing Bars and Guards
No need to buy extra equipment
Yes No Yes No Yes
Better feel when pulling up on the bars
Yes No Yes No No
Adds very little weight to the stock setup
Yes No Yes Yes No
Easy to Adjust
No need to purchase or change bushings
Yes No No No No

Why AHIS is Better Than Flexxbars

  • Less Expensive - No need to replace your existing handlebars or hand guards, just the handlebar clamps. The AHIS clamps themselves are much less expensive to buy. Plus they are easy to install, its a 5 minute job. There is no need to remove your controls or grips.
  • Lighter - AHIS less than 100g (3.3oz) more than the stock clamps. The Flexx Handlebars are HEAVY with the weight high up, the worst place you want it on a bike. Flexx handlebars more than 900g (32oz) to the top of your bike.
  • More Adjustable - The AHIS clamps can be mounted in two different ways depending on your riding style and terrain. Different bumpers are available to make AHIS harder or softer but most riders won't need them. Riding fast and choppy terrain? Install bumpers forward. Riding more technical terrain? Spin them around in 2 minutes, with bumpers back.
  • Better Feel - The Flexx handlebars make your bike feel different since they pivot side to side and each bar is independent of each other and the bike. AHIS pivots front to back (like your bikes suspension), there is no side to side motion, they feel the same as solid mounts, but without the impacts and vibes. In fact pushing on the bars doesn't compress AHIS, it only compresses when your bike hits a bump.
  • More Effective - If you install the AHIS clamps bumpers forward, there is less movement on your wrists as the bike hits bumps. When to you hit a bump, the bike pivots back on its center of gravity, usually around your belly button if you are sitting. Because of the sweep in the bars, this causes your bars to pivot down, causing your wrists to bend back a slight amount. Doesn't sound like much, but repeat thousands of times and it adds to the fatique in your arms and hands. AHIS counteracts this downward rotation, by rotating forward, keeping the bars level reducing fatigue. AHIS also has a larger range of motion than the Flexx handlebars.
  • Design - Flexx handlebars use skateboard bushings for their isolation. AHIS uses lightweight, high-tech elastomer bushings that work like mini shock absorbers, with built-in inherent compression and rebound damping. And, AHIS looks much sexier!

Installing AHIS

Simply replace your existing handlebar clamps with AHIS. Use your existing handle bars and hand guards.

Mount AHIS two different ways:

  • Install bumpers forward for faster, rougher terrain like desert racing, faster cross country races or if you put more weight on the bars
  • Install bumpers back for a softer feel on slower terrain like you might get in more technical enduros or endurocross

Try it both ways, and pick the method that works best for you!.


To download installation instructions, Click Here

  1. Remove the existing handlebar clamp, handlebars and handlebar supports. You will reuse the handlebar clamps and clamp screws.
  2. Choose bumper forward or bumper back and install the AHIS by tightening the mounting screw to 40 Nm (30 ft-lbs). Additional thread locking compound is not required as it is pre-installed on the screw.
  3. Reinstall the handlebars and handlebars clamps and torque the screws to 20 Nm (15 ft-lbs)
  4. AHIS might loosen up as it wears in. If there is too much play in the bar motion, tighten the pre-load adjustment screws located on each bar clamp.


Under normal operations, the AHIS clamp should not require maintenance. However, inspect clamps for wear or breakage monthly.


If vehicle is crashed, inspect clamps before continuing to ride. Do not ride with damaged clamps. If required, contact BKE Racing for replacement parts.


If you require longer bolts for your installation, it will be necessary to take AHIS apart

For disassembly instructions, Click Here.

Magazine Reviews

Customer Reviews

Pins and Needles Gone

Got my AHIS, man they look amazing top job on design and after my first ride my pins and needles had 90 percent gone. I road for 1 hour without any trouble when before I would get P/N within 15 minutes and had to ride one handed giving one hand a rest dangerous and a quit literally a pain. I have been playing with the adjustments screws to get it just right, but without really knowing what I was doing regarding settings mate I love them already, So with a bit more riding and seeing where the best setting is for me, it can only get better. Mate I would just like to say thanks so much for giving an old rider more time to play in the sun doing what he loves without anymore pain.

The boys are really impressed with how they work so expect more orders from over here in Australia .

With many thanks Paul.

Paul Wayte Australia | Oct 18, 2019
Skipped the Chiropractor

I have been out 4 or 5 times since I installed the AHIS ( Advanced Handlebar Isolation System) on my Yamaha YZ.

We ride a lot of nasty rock, roots and log infested single track in Simcoe County. Before your system I needed to go to the chiropractor after almost every ride and I have noticed a huge difference (lack of soreness) in my neck, shoulders and arms after a ride, it really is amazing. I drove past my chiropractor and thought I haven't been there in more than a month! Your system really does make a huge improvement.

Thank You!

Gord Paolucci | July 18, 2019
Long Term Test

I installed the AHIS isolators in February of 2018 on a Beta XTrainer. I was having problems with my left wrist which had been injured years ago. Riding multiple days was becoming a problem even if I taped the wrist. I now have 6269km and 154 hours on the units. They have performed well and with no problems. The good news is I can now do multiple days and no wrist taping. In April of 2018 I rode 5 out of 6 days in Moab. Then August of 2018 I rode 9 out of 13 days in the Calabogie area on Ontario. And then 6 out of 7 days in Presidio Texas and Mexico the last week of December. Topped that off with another 6 out of 7 the last week of January this year. They work for me I hope everyone has as good of luck as I have. It hasn't cured the wrist but it lets me ride.

Paul Rodden | May 19, 2019
Thanks for the AHIS....It works!

Just a quick thank you for your product, the AHIS Handlebar mount system.

As a 55 year old "A" rider I've been having trouble with my hands going numb and just a general feeling of my hands, arms and shoulders getting beat up in chopping conditions. I ride a 2016 Beta 390RR and have been generally happy with the bike except in choppy riding conditions. I've had been looking into Flex Bars and Twisted Engineering carbon fibre bars. After researching AHIS I decided to give it a try based on the weight and cost savings over the other options.

I mounted the bumpers in the rear position (soft) and have one ride on them. I was amazed at how it works. A planned 40km ride in choppy conditions turned into a 55km ride and my hands, arms and shoulders felt great. I also found that the system made my front suspension feel a little better and gave me the confidence to push a little harder.

Kevin Smith | December 6, 2017
Finally a better solution exists!

I have been using Fasstco Flexx Bars for over 5 years and have always found them to have good dampening. There have been some trade-offs however as they are significantly heavier than stock bars, they limit your hand guard options and the two-way dampening has always felt a little unnatural. I have also researched and read reviews about other bar mounts and bars with built-in suspension but they all seem to be compromised in some way. I don’t want my bars to move in every direction!

I am happy to report the AHIS system addresses all of these issues and now I can run any bars and handguards. I had almost forgotten how much lighter my stock bars were. As a pro racer nearing 40 I try to find every advantage I can. Small things can make a huge difference over the course of a 3 hour race. Having a little extra flex helps keep arm pump in check and less swing weight up top is noticeable in tight single track. The AHIS design is really clever and the clamps seem to be very durable. They have taken some big hits and a few hard crashes without a hitch. I am still on the fence on which dampening profile I prefer (forward or rear mount). Nice to have options and they are easy to switch around. Thank you AHIS for some creative engineering!

Jeremy Quinn - YZ250FX | April 5, 2018
Moab Review

I got the AHIS installed on my Beta 300 and then spent a week in Moab. I think it made a big difference for my hands/forearms. On past trips, the so called "slickrock" and constant rock hits really took a toll on me, especially on spring trips when I haven't ridden much over the winter. I didn't even notice the AHIS was there, but didn't wake up with locked up fingers/forearms. They also survived a couple of hard drops no problem. Lightweight and fully functional design!

Lyon - Beta 300 | May 10, 2018
Sure Smoothes Things Out

Thought I would share this with you. Haven't ridden my KTM since last year's Anthill (last August) due to injury. First ride this year would be the Beagle Bash (April). Was prepared for a very sore Monday after the race as usually my hands and arms would take a beating. In preparation for the race I had a set of AHIS installed on the bike. In short , the race came and went without a hitch. Felt really good about the ride and my bike. Bryan came up to me after the race and asked how things had gone? It was then I realized how well things really had gone. No arm pump, only one small blister, and no two stroke bar buzz. Hard root hits and braking bumps didn't seem to bother me as before. Must have been the AHIS. Have since ridden and for sure it smoothes things out.

Donald Dobrowolski - 2015 KTM 300EXC | May 21, 2018
AHIS Definitely Reduces Arm and Wrist Fatigue

They definitely reduce arm and wrist fatigue. I have broken Scaphoid (Navicular) bone in my right wrist, that is now arthritic, so I am very sensitive to sharp impacts while riding. The AHIS mounts work well at not transferring sharp impacts to my wrists.

Larry Bever - Clive, Iowa, USA | May 24, 2018
11 Day Hardcore Adventure

I just spend eleven days down in Utah riding the toughest trails we could find with Everstoked Adventures, it was an epic trip. AHIS totally save me, I suffer from arm pump and pains in my wrist and shoulders, the AHIS saved me from the hard hits and even cut down on my overall fatigue.

Rome Haloftis - Mississagua, ON, Canada | May 29, 2018
I Like It!

I was suffering from numb hands around 10 mins into fast rides. AHIS has much improved the comfort level without sacrificing any feel. They help absorb unexpected hits and allow me to go faster for longer. Great support from Bryan. I highly recommend giving them a try.

Paul Hallet - Mulmur, ON, Canada | June 25, 2018

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